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“Our office was specifically designed and decorated to put even the most anxious dental patient at ease.”

Waiting Rooms

While waiting for their appointment, children have the choice of watching TV, reading, or playing with one of our two arcade video games.  Even many of the parents cannot resist to see if they too can get the highest score on our Mrs. Pac Man or Galaga Machines.  The arcade machines are free, however if you do choose to put quarters in the machines, all proceeds are given to various charities. The waiting room is decorated in such a fashion that you will think you are underwater in an aquarium.  Children love counting the different fish on the walls as well as the fish in our waiting room fish tank.



Treatment Rooms

To leave our Waiting Room, you will go through our Castle door and stroll down a path to our enchanted Treatment Rooms.  Along the way you will see a a Dragon, a Night, a Princess, a Wizard, and many other imaginative fairytale creatures on the walls.

Kids Movie Theater Room

This fun room was designed to put young children at ease.  There are many distractions to occupy children while their dentistry is being performed.  At any time a child can choose to enjoy a Movie in Surround Sound  while holding one of or numerous stuffed animals.  The room is so inviting that even some of our older college students prefer to sit in this room.  This room was purposely designed to overly stimulate the children visually.  This allows for your child/ren  to be distracted in a pleasant manner so that their treatments can be completed in the most enjoyable way possible.

Under Water Sea Room

This Room was decorated such, that you and your child will see many Arctic Sea Animals.  Of course your child will be entertained by our Large TV Screen enjoying the latest Movies available.


Air, Sea, Space Room

Decorated with teen’s interests in mind, this room provides the opportunity for patients to enjoy the latest age appropriate videos.  The room features a Large Screen Monitor with our Surround Sound Bose Speaker System.

Brush like a Rock Star!

We pay homage to our love of music throughout the office by decorating with signed guitars of several of our famous artists. We even created two special rooms where our patients can feel how glamorous it is to have clean teeth and smile like a Rock Star.