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Are You Prepared for a Dental Injury?

Reports show that today’s youth have an alarming increase in the number of dental and facial injuries. Listed below are a number of typical dental injuries and what you as a parent should know and do if they happen to your child:

Knocked Out Permanent Teeth

Handle the tooth by the crown (the part of the tooth that chews the food). Be careful not to touch or handle the root of the tooth. Rinse the root gently in saline, milk, or water, and slowly try to reinsert it into your child’s mouth. If this is not possible, or you are not sure if it is an adult tooth, immerse the tooth in saline, milk, or water. The amount of time that the tooth is out of the mouth is crucial in determining if it will survive. Whether or not the tooth is placed back in to your child’s mouth, immediately bring your child to your dentist.

Knocked Out Baby Teeth

As a rule, baby teeth should not be placed back in the mouth. Call your dentist immediately for instructions.

Broken Teeth

Rinse your child’s mouth with warm water. Also place ice on the face to prevent swelling. Bring your child and any pieces of the tooth to your dentist immediately.

Cut Lip, Cheek, or Tongue

Place a clean gauze to the area and apply firm pressure to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding persists, take your child to your local hospital’s emergency room as soon as possible.

Usually these injuries are sports related, and could have easily been prevented if your child was wearing a protective mouthguard. Mouthguards are readily available at most sporting stores and drug stores for under $5. Also these mouthguards can be easily altered each time your child gains an adult tooth or looses a baby tooth. If your child is under orthodontic treatment or requires a less bulky fit, many dentists will supply mouthguards to their patients for a nominal fee.