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Parent Testimonials

Here are just a few of the comments that were sent back to us on our New Patient Surveys.  They have not been edited or changed in any way.


You may view a binder with these and many more testimonials in our waiting room at any time.


I was very apprehensive about my son’s first visit.  The staff was very welcoming and all of my questions and concerns were addressed. Dr.Scott was wonderful to my son and made me feel very comfortable. I definitely made the right choice. Thank You!!

Everyone in the office was extremely nice and patient with our screaming three-year old on his first visit to Dr. Bialik. Thank you!!

I was very impressed with the person who answered the phone when I made my daughters first appointment so much so that I referred my girlfriend before I even had the appointment.

Dr. Bialik was great. He really put my daughter at ease when she wouldn’t open up for the hygienist.

Very comforting office and waiting room environment. We felt as if we were not rushed in and out. The dental assistants made my daughter feel comfortable physically and emotionally.

My child and I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Scott and his staff. We were so comfortable and looked forward to out visits. I have told friends to call Dr.Scott for all their pediatric dentistry needs.

Wonderful experience for everyone. I really appreciated the calm, slow, step by step approach. It put my 3 and 5 year olds at ease.

Everyone in Dr. Bialik’s office was helpful, friendly and professional. They have made my sons dental experience one of less fear and me of a feeling of trust and security.

My husband and I were very pleased with Dr. Bialik and his entire staff. We feel fortunate to have such good care of our two children. We have also referred your practice to three other families with young children. Than you!!

Thank you all so much for being so accommodating and for making our experience with you pleasant. We look forward to coming back in the summer!!

Everybody in the office is wonderful. We are very happy with the excellent care given to our children. Thank you for everything!!

I was very impressed at how efficiently my two year old was taken care of. I also learned more than I thought possible in a short period of time.

Very happy. Staff was great. Dr .Scott was great we loved going. I was very happy with your service. We will see you in six months!!

I believe that Dr. Bialik is a great pediatric Dentist. He made me feel calm and comfortable. Knowing that he would be treating my son for his very first dental experience was a huge relief. I loved his Elmo impersonation!!

Coming to your office was a wonderful experience for my child and me both!! It was a fun and caring environment! We are very pleased with you services and will continue to be one of you happy patients! Thank you!

Excellent practice! We recommended you to all of our friends with children. I have never had such a wonderful first experience at a doctor’s office.

Taking your child to the dentist is a trying experience for any parent. Factor in that the child has special needs and you’ve created a recipe for disaster. Dr. Bialik and his staff were so caring and responsive that I haven’t stopped talking about how wonderful the experience was for us! Kudos!

I’m glad I chose a pediatric dentist for my child’s dental care. The office environment was very “kid friendly” and each procedure was clearly explained. My child was made to feel comfortable and every effort was made to avoid fear and anxiety.

As a parent, my main concern is bringing my daughters to a facility that provides a clean, safe, and compassionate environment. We never expected an eight year old child say “That place is cool” and mean the dentist. Thank you!!

Thank you for making my daughter feel so comfortable, welcome and cared for during her visits. She is happy to go to the dentist which is a very healthy attitude for her to have.

We really enjoyed our visit to your office. Dr. Bialik was very willing to explain everything in detail. He was very patient and very kind. Thank you!!

For the first time in my life a visit to the dentist was enjoyable. Every effort has been make to cater to the needs of the patient. Keep up the good work.

Great set up. My kids can’t wait to go to the dentist. Despite all the work my daughter had to have on her teeth. She is in love with Dr. Bialik. She thinks he is very funny and thought it was so special of him to call our home to see how she was doing. Keep up the good work!!

Our three year old was being examined for trauma to her mouth by falling into our fireplace. My husband and I were impressed with the staff and especially Dr. Bialik. I highly recommend you to my friends. Talking to my husband and myself prior to my daughter being examined was extremely helpful because we knew what to expect. I don’t think our regular dentist could have handled the situation as smoothly. Thank you so much!!

The office staff was very thorough in explaining all I needed to know as well as being friendly and helpful. Dr. Bialik was also all of the above. Thank you for being so kind and courteous. It’s appreciated!!

The staff was very friendly and courteous. We aren’t regular patients and came in for an emergency. Everyone was so very nice and took the time to research and answer specific questions regarding pedo partials for us. Thank you all for all your help.

I was very impressed with the timelines and orderliness of the office. The atmosphere of the office was also very calming to my children. Very positive experience!!

Both my son and I were very happy with Dr. Bialik and the office staff. He actually looks forward to going again. His brushing has also improved. Thank you!!

I was so impressed with everything and everyone in the office, and am very happy to have found Dr. Bialik for my children.

I was very pleased with my son’s first visit. He didn’t want to leave the office. He said he wants to get his teeth cleaned every month!!

I brought my twins for their first Dental visit and our experience was one of the best. Everyone was very friendly and a pleasure to deal with me and my children were treated so well. Thank you!!

I am very pleased with the staff. They are courteous and pleasant. When looking for a dentist I wanted one that worked with children only and I am very pleased with Dr. Bialik. I hope to have my children continue at your office for years to come.

Thank you so much for your wonderful service and caring! You made my daughters first trip to the dentist a wonderful one!!

The location is a little out of the way for us, we live in Bethleham but it is worth the distance because it is a great environment for kids and Dr. Bialik and the whole staff is wonderful.

Dr. Bialik was excellent with our son and thus made for a pleasant visit with the dentist.

Thank you for being a good dentist. I felt happy in your office, and I am still using all my smile savers just like your helpers showed my. She is very nice too. I can’t wait to come back and see you all again.

We were very happy to find such a wonderful dentist for our daughter. He makes it fun, but is thorough and we feel she is in excellent hands for her dental needs.

Dr. Bialik cares for the children’s emotional reaction to treatment. That was a big benefit to us and our child.

Our children were pleased with the “child friendly” office and with Dr. Bialik as their dentist.

I am very satisfied with every thing your office has to offer. I am so glad we found you. I feel very comfortable with the way you handle our son.

Bringing in two children in who have no experience I was concerned and unclear how they would react. They both walked out with smiles on their faces!!

I appreciated your engaging my daughter into taking responsibility of her own teeth care. She is excited about using her timer!! Looking forward to having all my children under Dr. Scott’s care!!

I really loved how he called to check on my son later that evening.

I appreciate Dr. Bialik personally clarifying some of the terms and issues of my son’s teeth over the phone, and the office personnel attitude and friendliness. Good luck!!

Everyone in the office has been polite and courteous and has made our daughters Dentist visits go from horrifying to a pleasure. Thanks!!

My daughter liked her treatment very much and is looking forward to her next visit.

The timer was a great idea. My daughter wants to brush her teeth more frequently. She had a very good first experience at the dentist.

I was given lots of information when I called for an appointment and during the visit. Thank you for all your help!!

I was very pleased with the service overall. The reception desk personal were very professional. Dr. Bialik and his assistant had a very good approach towards my son who is two years old. They were also informative and pleasant.

I was very happy with the secretary. I found her to be kind, understanding and very patient with me. Also I was very nervous because my daughter is so young and the doctor helped ease my tension. Thank you!!

The office staff and Dr. Bialik were extremely friendly, efficient and thorough. I wish your office treated adults.

We had a wonderful experience for our son’s first visit. We both were treated professionally by everyone in the office. The staff did a great job keeping our appointment time even after the blackout the night before. Thank you!!

The DVD’s are great!! The video games were also a hit.

Thank you for a great experience!!

The visit was excellent. I was pleased with everything and everyone!!

It was my daughter’s first dental appointment she had a great experience.

Everyone was extremely professional, courteous, helpful and friendly. The experience of the exam was phenomenal!!

I liked the report card it was much easier to explain to my husband and have the visit on record.